Yuya dating

Akimoto Sayaka Was embroiled in a scandal with director Oji Hiroi in 2010, who stayed overnight in her apartment.

She later explained that she simply gave him a place to sleep as he had dozed off after watching a movie.

I’ve been watching J-doramas since the early 90s, when I was a wee lass (okay, not so wee, but definitely still a lass), and following this bandwagon has been a bumpy ride. Session Date: July 9 (Thurs) – : Room: Kobe International Conference Center, Meeting Room 401: Chairpersons: Kenji Fujii (JAXA, Japan) Tetsuhiko Kozasa …

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She lost fan votes and dropped out of Top16 during the 6th General Elections, but returned to senbatsu in 7th General Elections.

Hirajima Natsumi, Yonezawa Rumi Pictures of them with guys were leaked from their private Twitter accounts in early 2012.

Reauditioned and became a research student of the 7th generation in the same year.

Promoted to Team K in 2009, climbed back to popularity and has been ranking in elections these years.

She resigned as captain of Team K, but was reinstated later.