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Richards Isiah Friedlander "Negativity" Martin Madrazo missions X.4 Caida Libre Devin Weston missions cont.

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X.16 Paleto Score Setup X.17 Predator X.18 Military Hardware X.19 The Paleto Score Franklin X.20 Strangers and Freaks--Exercising Demons (Mary Ann) Michael X.21 Derailed Isiah Friedlander "Fucked Up" Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont.

Franklin X.5 Deep Inside Michael X.6 Minor Turbulence Trevor X.7 Strangers and Freaks--The Civil Border Patrol Franklin X.8 Strangers and Freaks--Risk Assessment (Dom) X.9 Parachuting Franklin X.11 Strangers and Freaks--Liquidity Risk (Dom) X.12 Strangers and Freaks--Targeted Risk (Dom) X.13 Strangers and Freaks--Uncalculated Risk (Dom) Trevor X.14 Strangers and Freaks--An American Welcome (Civil Border Patrol) X.15 Strangers and Freaks--Minute Man Blues (Civil Border Patrol) Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont.

VF Oriented for the single player PC version for the mouse and keyboard by Glen T.

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