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She didn’t even like me at first but I pursued because she was hot and I enjoyed talking to a girl for a change, so I figured why not. And she seemed to be completely nuts in a lot of ways – she was married, for one thing, to a guy in the military solely for the extra money he gets for being married. Second, she was still living in the same apartment as her ex boyfriend, but was planning to move out relatively soon.She was also a completely reformed coke whore who turned herself into a straight A student in biology.Or for expert help, visit us at your local Super Amart superstore – we have stores in a number of locations, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, the Sunshine Coast, Hobart and Perth.

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however she is extremely goal-oriented and wants to be a doctor, so having a baby at 21 was not exactly part of the plan.

Either way, even after going through that we stayed together.

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While I was in the other room, she went on my cell phone and started reading texts.