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At the time, an eyewitness told Us Weekly that the pair seemed back on as they were spotted “walking around the park holding hands” and looking romantic.

It’s been approximately four months since Demi Lovato broke up with her long-term boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, which gives her the freedom to date anyone, including John Mayer.

Mayer, meanwhile, hasn’t publicly dated anyone since he broke up with Katy Perry, and he’s going to have a new (pop? He told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this summer that he wants a girlfriend and is “ready to roll.” thing; Mayer: “Dear John.”) Together, they could be a force for gossip good.

For example: Last night, Mayer and Swift separately attended Drake’s birthday party in Los Angeles, and TMZ published a story this morning noting that Swift was with her “squad” and Mayer was all alone.

Regardless of whether or not Mayer and Lovato are actually dating or even interested in each other, the potential for drama with this pairing is too good to ignore.