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So, if you can see that if you help people, you know you can get highlight. Without that woman - I mean, she gave up so much of her life to support me when I was a model in the crazy fashion world. November 14, 2007 - Tyra Banks sent out a message to fans on November 2nd about her show on vaginas.

And she's kept me sane, and a pretty decent person. She is."December 3, 2007 - 'Extra' asked Tyra Banks to confess: Has she ever purchased pornography? "OK, ever since the first season of the Tyra show - I always pitched my producers the idea of doing an entire show on the VAGINA," she writes.

Tyra hadn't always had dreams of becoming a supermodel, as a child Tyra was made fun of by her schoolmates and as she says in a recent interview "They knew I was sensitive and they'd tease me all the time. Tyra recently discussed her childhood trauma's and current beauty problems in her book Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out, where she talks about her stretch marks, cellulite, mustache, and warts (errr...

hardly a book we'd be interested in buying given the sounds of it! Whatever the case, those flaws must not have been very noticeable when Elite modeling agency spotted the beautiful woman in Paris just after she had graduated.

The Los Angeles born nymph has been a breakthru model for the African American community. ' " The issue of being 'really me' also is being brought into question with Tyra.

Tyra was the first black female to appear solo on the cover of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue. Several have said Banks has had a nose job and breast implants, and if true one could hardly argue with the results.

Then her curvy figure was featured prominently in several Victoria's Secret ads and magazines (to which they still are to this day).