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In order to avoid having the operation, Michael lies about having had a vasectomy, but Jay is infuriated when she finds out.Ultimately, Michael decides he will have the vasectomy done for real.Note: This will set this as the profile image for everyone.

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In the Season One episode, "Breaking Up and Breaking It", Andrew Mc Farlane, the actor who played "Tony", also played the role of "Roger", another boy with a crush on Claire. cable and international syndication, all 122 episodes of the series are broadcast in high definition, this is despite the fact that the thirteen episodes that comprised the first season were originally broadcast in 4:3 standard definition (it would not be until September 2001, as the series was entering its second season, before ABC began carrying its scripted primetime series in HD); for the first season episodes, Disney-ABC had previously cropped images on the sides restored, using the 35mm film source, to use the entire 16:9 frame.

Currently, Disney–ABC Domestic Television handles the U. distribution rights to My Wife and Kids, while Disney–ABC International Television handles syndication rights outside the United States. Reruns aired in the United States on various local stations, primarily Fox, CW, and My Network TV affiliates, from September 2005 to August 2011.

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