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Immediately after the film was over, Prince-Bythewood couldn’t tell whether the audience liked it or not. “It was so embarrassing because literally I didn’t know how to dribble. He believed that it was more important that the woman have the believable basketball skills.In 2000, she told the “I was nervous because for other screenings we always had like a 99% black audience. Here’s what Prince-Bythewood had to say about the final decision.Prince-Bythewood admitted that leaving television was hard because it was a market she had already mastered and the money was good.

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Later, she was invited to read a script at a screenwriting program at Sundance.

She choose what we now know as She and her husband improved the piece and when Prince-Bythewood read it, she was approached by New Line Cinema’s president of production, Mike De Luca.

He ultimately got what he NEEDED, but this time round, it’s the woman who gets her cake and eats it.

That’s a rare thing in movies.”Sourcemagazine: “I loved the way it moved and loved what it was about.

was the bridging of two seemingly unrelated worlds, athletics and love.