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Arie herself plays guitar, supplemented by strings (instead of synthesizers) and drums (instead of drum machines).

It’s a process many of us go through: spiritual maturation, spiritual awakening, clearing out the old and starting anew.” Her inner renewal pulsates throughout , starting with lead single “Cocoa Butter.” The mid-tempo groove and image-rich verses mirror the soothing balm that is the song’s namesake. \ I show you my burns \ you show me lessons learned,” sings a re-energized India. The singer exudes quiet power on the non-apologetic “Life I Know” as well as the empowerment-themed “Just Do You.” With its spare instrumentation, honest and engaging lyrics framed by melodic R&B, . I trusted my intuition through every line and note of every song on this album, following the flow.

But underscoring those basics now is a fervent spirit born out of epiphanies, health imbalances and hard decisions that occurred over the past four years. Everything became and sounded more complex, instead of me just being.” No more. Arie sings on the album’s centerpiece “Break the Shell”: “Child, it’s time to break the shell \ Life’s gonna hurt but it’s meant to be felt \ You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself \ You cannot fly until you break the shell.” “Putting spiritual and empowerment ideals into music concepts … And the ease of the flow is always a sign that I am in the right place, doing the right thing. I created from that place.” Acoustic Soul (March 2001)certified double platinum, debuted #10 on Billboard Top 200 Album chart, #3 on Billboard Top R&B album chart – nominated for 7 Grammys Voyage To India (September 2002), certified platinum, debuted #6 on Billboard Top 200 album chart, #1 on Billboard Top R&B album chart – nominated for 4 Grammys, won 2. 1, Life & Relationship (June 27, 2006), Certified gold, debuted #1 on Billboard Top 200 Album Chart-nominated for 3 Grammys. 2, Love & Politics (February 10, 2009), debuted # 1 on Billboard R&B Chart, #3 on Billboard Top 200 Album Chart-nominated for 3 Grammys, won 1.

We're also a bit confused about this image since India recently spoke out about the skin color controversy surrounding the Nina Simone biopic.