Who has sebastian stan dating

Who could this guy stupid enough to cross Blair Waldorf be?

Well, Meester's "Heartstrings" might be about Sebastian Stan, if we look back the star's dating history. star right under our noses in a super-secret ceremony when some people probably didn't even know they were dating. But a few interviews with Meester from back in 2010 reveal that its definitely possible that "Hearstrings" is about her former Gossip Girl costar.

Ch-ch-check out the new scene as well as #Team Cap having some fun with Jimmy (below)!

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Back in March 2014, when Stan was doing press for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the actor called Ledger "an inspiration" and said that he'd always admired the late actor's performance.

Sure, it's possible that Meester wasn't making a pointed reference with her comment, but this is just too much a coincidence to not be related somehow.

New York, it's like a candy jar - watching people is so phenomenal.