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You can search through the product catalog by selecting the type of product you are looking for, the sub-category, and then finally clicking on the product itself to see all the details.

You can also search for your product in the search box found in the left hand menubar.

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If the item does have a sticker, it will always be located somewhere on the frame of the unit.

Here is a general guide to finding the location of your product’s sticker: Rollators – on the leg frame or cross brace under the seat Wheelchairs/Transport Chairs – on the cross brace under the seat Walkers - on the leg frame Overbed Tables – on the mast Commodes – on the back frame bar Beds – on the side frame Nebulizers – on the underside of the item Bath Benches – on the leg frame Canes – lower frame Power Wheelchairs - on the cross brace under the seat Scooters - on the back of the item on the plastic shroud Below is an example of a product sticker.

Almost all Drive products will have a silver or white sticker adhered to the frame of the item that contains the item’s reference number and serial number information.

There are a few exceptions; grab bars, some canes, toilet seat risers and similar items may not have this sticker.

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