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The Western Foundation museum is hosting the antenna and server that provide the live-stream feed.

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“Seeing these huge birds raise their young in the wild is unforgettable,” said Charles Eldermire, Bird Cams Project Leader with Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which hosts the livestream webcam of the nest in Ventura County, as well as webcams on many other unique and rare bird species from across the country.

“Their success in raising their chicks is critical in the effort to bring the species back from the brink of extinction.” Installing the condor nest webcams was no small task; biologists and staff from the Service, Santa Barbara Zoo and VWS hiked heavy camera equipment on foot along deep canyons and steep ridgelines for installation into the nest cavities.

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Our calendars are clotted with gatherings of family and friends.

Biologists installed webcams in two California condor nests located in the rugged terrain of Ventura and Monterey counties to enable the public to watch California condor chicks and their parents.