Vb net dataadapter not updating

That’s it, otherwise all application forms and their controls (including user controls and custom controls) remain unchanged.

Please see There are three data tables (Users, Roles and Controls) and two tables that create many-to-many relationships: Users To Roles and Controls To Roles. The Controls table represents a control on a form, and Controls To Roles is the heart of the control-based security approach; it represents the permissions of a given role for a given control on a given form, as is explained in detail below.

The application may consist of any number of forms.

Potential Client asks for basic demographic information as shown in figure 2: I’ve intentionally made these application forms crude and simple to allow us to focus on the control-based security rather than on the form design.

In any case, none of the data retrieved in these forms will be persisted, and I encourage you to create your own forms that more closely represent your own business needs.

When the user clicks on Add New you’ll get the name from the text box and create the new record for the database and for the list box: private void Add New Role_Click( object sender, Event Argse ) When you add a user to a role (by clicking on the arrow key), you’ll make an entry in the Users To Roles table (adding the User ID and Role ID and then updating the Tree View (far right)).

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