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You’re still getting security updates, but that’s it — your Flash Player plug-in is already several major versions out-of-date.Linux users can still use the Pepper-based Flash plug-in included with Google Chrome for Linux.Adobe notes they’re continuing to provide security updates for Flash 11.2 on Linux, but they’re only actively developing the Pepper Flash plug-in for Linux.

The Mozilla Wiki page on the subject has a terse message: “Mozilla is not interested in or working on Pepper at this time.” The topic was also discussed on the Mozilla bugzilla.

On the Mozilla mailing list, Mozilla’s Robert O’Callahan argues that supporting Pepper would be a waste of resources.

This is the only way to get the latest version of Flash on Linux, although the plug-in can be installed separately for Chromium or Firefox. Internet Explorer on Windows uses Active X plugins.

In 2012, Adobe announced they would no longer developing the NPAPI plug-in for Linux, but they would continue developing the Pepper-based Flash plug-in used in Chrome. Other browsers on all operating systems — Firefox, Safari, and even Chrome until recently — use the NPAPI framework.

For example, on Ubuntu, you can install the pepperflashplugin-nonfree package from the Multiverse repository.

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