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Include a note indicating your name and Social Security Number and that you want it added to your OMPF.

Your assignment officer will update your ORB, then send the certificate to Personnel Electronic Records Management System (PERMS) to add it to your OMPF.

The purpose of this easy-to-read list is to provide you with a reference of those documents that can or cannot be filed on your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and that are typically found in active duty enlisted files.

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To update your OMPF, your PSB/MPD or you may forward documents to: Commander, USAEREC ATTN: PCRE-FS 8899 E.

56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46249-5301 Two copies of your photograph should be mailed to: Commander, USAEREC ATTN: PCRE-BA 8899 E.

The CD contains personal and private information, and should be kept in a safe and secure place.

To log in go to BUPERS On Line (BOL) located here and click on OMPF-My Record to review official documents.

To find assistance or help contact your Command Personnel Officer, Command PASS Coordinator (CPC), and/or Command Career Counselor (CCC).