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I just updated to Mac App Store 1.0.2 with the update to 10.6.8.

The Mac App Store said I have one update available, for Angry Birds.... Searching Google for that email address finds a comment thread for a Final Cut Pro X torrent on a popular Bit Torrent site with comments like the following: But one issue, my Mac App Store now won't let me update or download apps with my account as everytime I try to do so, it tells me to "Sign in to [email protected] update applications for that account." Could anyone help me get rid of this and get my App Store and Apple ID account back to normal please?? Your message suggests that Angry Birds has been installed circumventing the app store. Angry Birds will probably been in their user applications folder instead of the main one.

Since the Mac App Store now detects boxed copies of i Work and allows them to be updated to the Mac App Store version, it seems the trial versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are perceived by the App Store as being a full purchased copy.

This allows users to install yesterday’s updated apps without having to pay anything.

2015 should check off the many long standing requests that the majority of FCP working editors have been requesting for years. Fulfilling their feature requests will also benefit high end shops.” Taylor writes, “I suspect that the FCPX team is working on something major for 2015 and that is why we didn’t see the kind of feature updates last year as we did in the prior two years.” Much more, including a list of all of the many new features and upgrades Taylor expects in the next version of Final Cut Pro X, in the full article here.