dating longcase clock hands - Updating mac os10 for g3 nano

These i Macs have two memory slots, so I knew I'd be able to use both the new 512 MB module and an old module, and end up with a decent amount of RAM.

[Editor's note: Ironically, I was also upgrading an old i Mac to Mac OS X over Christmas, but my grandparents' i Mac was a tray-loading 333 MHz model (Rev.

I work with my email continually open so I can deal with things as they come in.

updating mac os10 for g3 nano-64

Yet if I quit Mail and reopen immediately, it will show the busy/wait signal next to the account, and it will find the new messages after a small delay.

So I end up opening and closing Mail all day long, sometimes several times an hour when I'm waiting for important messages.

I was pleased to learn from a rep for Cochenille, Stitch Painter's developer, that a Mac OS X-native version is in the works, but because it's not expected for many months, I decided that keeping Classic on this machine would be necessary.

And although I didn't download it until the end of the process, before doing anything, I also confirmed that a Mac OS X driver exists for her HP combination fax-copier-printer.

The other machine, running Mac OS 9.1, belongs to my mother, and I wanted to upgrade it partly so she could use modern applications like i Photo and Mail, and so I could more easily support her when she had problems.