dating emotionally needy man - Updating dsl firefox

instead, you should run the adobe reader-program's updater, to update the program..

FWIW, I updated my Flash versions (all 3) last night and the downloaded stub-installer for the PPAPI version repeatedly failed to work. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, after the 6th or 7th try, it ran correctly.

updating dsl firefox-36

one way to disable the HOSTS file is to rename it "NOHOSTS", temporarily..

also, you could try temporarily disabling your av-program's realtime-protection and see if that makes a difference..another thing that could possibly block the file from being downloaded is a firewall..also, it could be an "addon" that you are using, like "adblock plus" or "noscript", that is blocking the file from being downloaded..

Flash is embedded in Chrome, so the above downloads don't matter for Chrome.

Use this page to check your Flash version from each browser you use: » ··· The last page also has links on how to enable/disable Flash for each brower/OS type...there was an update for "adobe reader" recently:» ··· -15.htmlmake sure that the "adobe reader" program is went to mozilla's "check your plugins" webpage and it reported that your "adobe reader plugin" is out-of-date, it is possible that what it reported was not correct..there are several cases, posted in mozilla's "bugzilla", where people claim that mozilla's "check your plugins" reports erroneous information for the "adobe reader plugin"..

Note you will need to install two of them if you need the Internet Explorer (Active X) version and the plug-in (Firefox) version.