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I am a roleplayer, interested in helping you play out your unfulfilled fantasies.I just want to have raw fun on the phone, love being...Not into violence, pain, blood, scat, vomit, or RP.

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A smile from the receiver sometimes—but not always—indicates (sexual) interest in the one of the more subtle gestures, usually involving eye contact between those involved.

In most cases it is only meant to be known by the sender and their intended receivers, but in some cases can be more widely intended.

A wink could also be used as a somewhat humorous way to express sympathy, solidarity and encouragement, especially when the winker is trying to put the receiver at ease in a situation where they might feel nervous or uncomfortable.

In such cases the meaning of a wink is not unlike that of a "thumbs up".

With any luck we'll hit it off and have some fun on a regular basis but I'm not adverse to a one shot deal every now and again.