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Coseismic strike slip at a point during the last four earthquakes on the Wellington fault near Wellington, New Zealand. The stratigraphy, timing and climatic implications of pre-LGM glaciolacustrine deposits in the middle Rakaia Valley, South Island, New Zealand. We are also involved in research projects requiring gammaspectrometry.

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Hammer in a cylinder so it is fully filled and carefully dig it out.

Cut back the surface of the outcrop by about 20 cm to expose fresh material3.

Towards a climate event stratigraphy for New Zealand over the past 30,000 years (NZ_INTIMATE prooject). Whenever possible we prefer to sample your materials ourselves to avoid contamination.

Cover both ends of the cylinder with aluminium foil and/or thick black plastic, and tape it so it is light proof and watertight.4. Avoid sampling in inhomogenous surroundings (stay more than 25 cm away from inhomogenities like gravel beds or bedrock)6. Ensure the sample material cannot move or mix inside the cylinder, by stuffing aluminium foil into both ends of the cylinder. We reserve the right to reject samples if we consider them unsuitable for luminescence dating.

The other room houses most of the modern electronic equipment, including: Please contact Ningsheng Wang (MSc.) for more information.