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A gunman opened fire on a mosque in the city just hours after another stormed a nightclub during New Year celebrations and killed 39 people.Prince Philip (pictured) attended the New Year's Day church service but without the Queen who is still recovering from a 'lingering cold'.The 68-year-old actor got a little hot under the collar during rehearsals at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, stripping off his shirt as he ran through his lines.

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An Alabama man came home to find his wife canoodling in bed with another man - and was enraged.

In a video clip that went viral on the Internet, the man is seen (right) climbing on top of his wife's friend as he is in bed wearing a T-shirt and a pair of underwear.

The husband then grabs the man by the back of his head and pushes him off the bed.

He then violently pulls him back by his shirt and sends him hurdling toward the ground (left) in a maneuver that could have been learned from watching pro wrestling.

Many criticised his decision to use the gel on stage in front of his fans, but some said he was being sensible with illnesses rife during the winter months.