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Neeta loved her son, and he was her world."We have always been together , but sometimes it doesn't seem like it," Sunil answered and as he did he edged closer to his mother from his position at the head of his bed.

They looked into each others eyes and Neeta reached out and hugged her son, to try to convey to him how much she loved him, and Sunil responded in kind.

You can see that both mother and son are really, really close," Sunil answered enthusiastically.

Neeta heard all he said and was worried that Sunil did not see their relationship as close as his friends and their mothers.

For the rest of the evening, Sunil seemed distant and it bothered Neeta greatly, he was not only her son but her greatest support and best friend.

So, Neeta decided to talk to him about it as he was getting ready to go to bed.

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