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The other young characters get out of dead-end Dillon, in the cases of Garrity and Street, thanks entirely to Riggins.

(Equally telling, the word Kitsch uses second most often to describe Riggins is protector, also the word he uses second most often to describe himself.) In fact, the only person Riggins doesn't manage to save is Riggins.

—from Milk Studios, where Kitsch has just completed his ELLE photo shoot. I'm hypervigilant because the Hungry Cat is nestled up against a larger building, and I'm worried he'll pass it.

An hour later, I'm sitting at a table on the outside patio of the Hungry Cat, located between John Wayne's star and Jack Benny's on Vine Street in Hollywood, and exactly .9 miles—close, but is it close enough?

It’s a family affair – the girlfriend watches while the bad boy fiddles around with the guys!