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But it'll be hard to justify handing the ball off too many more times if it results in plays like the one we see here on first down, Vince Wilfork slicing straight through the line and dragging the back down by his shirt for a five yard loss.

Never easy to make something out of a drive that starts like that, and the Ravens go three and out again as Flacco is sacked by Wilfork on third down.

Edelman loses a couple of yards as he looks for a gap on the return, but New England will still take over on their own 40.

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Flacco throws incomplete on second down, and is pulled down for a four-yard gain after being flushed out of the pocket on third. " tweets @murphnd in response to my earlier question about the best Super Bowl match-up. Flacco has options downfield on third and three but holds onto the ball too long and is eventually clobbered by Mark Anderson for a seven-yard sack. Edelman returns the punt for about 10 yards to the New England 39.

Kock's punt is fair caught by Edelman at the New England 40. The Ravens get the Patriots' offence straight back off the field – Ngata disrupting an attempted pass for Gronkowski on second and three before Reed does likewise as Brady looks for Branch on third. Yup, now the Patriots are moving as the Ravens discover that if you put all that effort into covering Welker/Gronkowski/Hernandez, Brady will just go somewhere else.

And the Giants' own passing offence has not been as explosive as the Packers' all season.

The difference is that they managed to play some D last week too.

With Lewis: Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata and the rest.