Sweet dee dating a retarded person full episode

Few kdramas could bring tears & laughter for me but this one did; and many times over the course of the 53 episodes which I completed over 4 days. Out of the 3 siblings gang jae's live line is the most boring one as of this time. But I do find myself rooting for Eun Ho he my favorite character I wish he would end up with Seo Wool . People could rather empathize with her ,rather than saying all the negatives I really love kang shim and the director storyline. I REALLY HOPE Kang jae will realise his wrong and end up with his former girlfriend who I find really interesting.

Well-written & well-acted Whilst the main 'hook' of the drama is unconvincing i.e. I did find the entire drama thoroughly entertaining and rather beautiful. I hope hyo jin will be able to change gang jae.looking foward for ne wepisodes I love to watch this weekend drama. cha children are succes in their jobs except dal bong who still find his identity. but I really hate Hyo-jin character or maybe the actress herself... Tbh though Seo Wool is really annoying I mean why can't she be confident and independent she seem like a cry baby to me I find her annoying .

makes it really watch over n over I start watching this because of the rating. Spoiler: This drama is entertaining for the first 3/4 then gets tedious for about 10 episodes with all the bickering in the family. For the most part of the drama the characters presume everything without listening to each other. in the recent episode he was blaming himself and trying to help his father or whatsoever... Hyo-jin mom dad are too proudy and irritating : P Dal-Bong , Seo-Wool and Eun-Ho ahh waeyo another love triangle i love Hyungsik and kangjun both omo~~~ I wish Kangjun not to be left alone. I'll only be disappointed in the scriptwriter if she kills of Mr.

I had to stop a few times because of Sel Wol's character. This was one of the longest dramas I've watched but I really enjoyed it. The father gets cancer so the drama is very sad from about 1/2 way through. Congrats to all the cast and PD's of What Happens to My Family.

I have only watched two dramas with so many episodes throughout these years of watching Korean dramas. I think that the most important thing all of us would have learnt is about cherishing your loved ones/ those around you because one moment they may be there, the other moment they may not be. Ko said something like this, "This is exactly what the role of a father is. Although I hate the doctor cha kang jae for being so materialistic but I think he delivers in terms of acting since I hate him so much, I don't wanna take him for my son. Love Kang Shim / Tae Joo team..are just so funny and hilarious...