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Firstly, there are no family–related responsibilities. The only prerequisite to be a sugar daddy are good looks and smartness because rich men don’t like to hang out with ugly and dumb women.In case you have the aforementioned qualities, all you need to do is join a sugar daddy dating site and create a genuine profile.

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He plans his time with his Sugar Baby and gives her his undivided attention. He doesn't waste time waiting for her to ask him for things he knows she needs.

He makes good use of their time together which makes her feel obligated to do what he wants when he wants it. There are those Sugar Dads that are sincerely interested in helping a Sugar Baby in the hopes to have something more with her in the future.

In time, the unattractive Sugar Daddy will notice this and won't do as many nice things for her.

So a quality Sugar Daddy will do the best he can to be engaging, nice-looking, and fit so that he can snag a quality Sugar Baby. Quality Sugar Dads know how to articulate their wants, emotions, and their plans.

When you have those moments of intimate conversation with him, he will speak deeply and challenge you to use your critical thinking skills.