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It's probably one of the last to reflect pre-war social behavior; the great classless society of the fifties was just emerging and "formality" had not yet become a dirty word (see DINNER PARTY, HOW DO YOU DO and JUNIOR PROM as other examples).

A narrator explains that teenaged "Daughter" and "Brother" treat every meal with their family as if it were "a truly special occasion." We follow the progress of a typical meal while the narrator offers a continuous stream of advice, such as; "pleasant, unemotional conversation helps digestion," and "the dinner table is no place for discontent." Of course, Mother and Daughter do all the cooking, while Father and Brother show deference and appreciation. Can't even imagine a chick today acting like the daughter seen here. OK film, but a bit overdone - I guess to make a point.

This portrait of manners among the affluent places a premium on pleasant, unemotional behavior, and contains some interesting do's and don'ts sequences. A Date With Your Family was one of their most successful releases, picked up for distribution by industry giant Encyclopaedia Britannica Films.

Although I was not born until 1957, I do remember my parents often saying "Children are to be seen and not heard". The 4 boys in my family weren't allowed to act up and a spilled glass of milk sent you from the table.

There was still much attitude that children were just extensions of their parents. Mom did all the cooking and Dad complimented her every single night.


Ken Smith sez: This brain-deadening film seems to go on forever, but it's well worth repeated viewing.

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