Sqldatasource onupdating

Also if we want to retrieve an Output parameter of stored procedure, for example, we can use the Inserted (Updated / Deleted) events of SQLData Source.

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Sqldatasource onupdating

NET solution for retrieving Identity field value after insert (without using SQLData Source on the page) Getting ID of the newly inserted record in SQL Server Database using ADO. NET Forum at LTD Naomi Nosonovsky, Senior Software Developer, has more than 15 years of enterprise experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of high-performance client/server data management solutions.

Here is a link demonstrating usage of the first method would also like to give a link to a pure ADO.

You can however add assign the parameter in the Sql Data Source Updating event.

This is exacly what I am trying to achieve and I am so close to a solution.

I am very new to and have tried what you suggested.