Sprung dating game ds

They'll interact with scantily clad babes and hunks in this "simulation" of the dating scene.

Their adventures take place all over town: at the ski lodge, in a gondola, at a popular nightclub, and, of course, in a hot tub.

The game puts you in the roles of both Becky and Brett, two twenty-somethings on vacation in the mountains with their wild cast of friends.

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There is also unused dialogue for items that are impossible for Becky or Brett to ever receive in their respective paths or never have an opportunity of using on certain characters.

Amorous Action is an item used by Brett in-game and has the effect of kissing whoever you're talking to.

Becky never receives this item, but still has programmed dialogue for when it is used.

Completely different from the other Apartment music in the game, it remains unused in both the game and the music section.

With normal gameplay, however, only 51 images can be unlocked.