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Well, two 25-year-old, single journalism students, LC Kemp and myself, Shelby Morton,wanted to find out.

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I actually felt excited until we walked up and I saw how few men there were. I’ve always known there’s a sort of stigma against unconventional ways of meeting people, but I never felt like it was truly a negative thing, until that moment. The categories were basically: I like what I’m seeing; I’d go for a drink, maybe; Not my cup of tea; Never mind, thanks, or Not in a million years. And I wasn’t loving any of the guys who were walking in. There were seven tables in all, so my initial hope was that more people would show up and there would more than one go-a-round. And he was highly sarcastic, which I’m always a fan of. I said “awesome” a lot, as if welding was the most I feel like the journalist in me came out and I asked so many questions.

And then when it’s all said and done, you have to rate them from best to worst. There ended up being six men and eight women in all, so, alas, only one. But I decided right then to just go with the flow and stop overthinking it. But I think he was like 45, which is about ten years past my age maximum. I know that most men like to talk about themselves so it might’ve worked to my benefit.

How long has it been established: Since early 2009 Clientele: 30- 65 Company Mission: This matchmaking service is geared towards establishing connections between single career professionals.

By filling out the match making questionnaire, The matchmaker will then find someone who seems to fit your romantic desires. Suite 5700 Advantages compared to online dating: Match Me Canada enables older singles to find an easier alternative to meeting a potential match, rather than having to figure out the realm of online dating.

And you, too, have to create a profile highlighting all your best qualities and omitting the worst.