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In terms of character development, Jiwoo and Heejung end up being in a similar place in life, and so they can understand and support each other.

Heejung is more active in this route from the offset than she was in the others I played, and takes the initiative more, despite seeming less sure of her feelings.

Which is to say, Heejung is alone when her mom arrives and then reverts back to living under her mother’s thumb. On the other, it was a little dissatisfying after spending over 12 hours grinding stats.

I was hoping for something a little more substantial, but I guess if I’d gotten it on my first or second attempt I would have been okay with it.

They both move past their parent issues; Heejung already made major steps in moving past her mom-issues before the memory loss, but completely forgetting probably didn’t hurt in putting her past behind her (pun intended, haha).