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From The Book of Days (1832) by Robert Charlton, Vol 2.

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However this may be, we find that, in the days of Fuller, the material things which the town was remarkable for were: veal, cheese, and cakes; while it is not less certain, that in the abstract article zeal, Banbury was also notable. When Philemon Holland was printing his English edition of Camden's Britannia, he added to the author's statement of Banbury being famous for cheese, the words ' cakes and ale; and so it was passing through the press, when, Mr Camden coming in, and seeing the change, thinking 'ale' a somewhat disrespectful reference, substituted for it the word ' zeal, very unluckily, as it proved, for the Puritans, who abounded in the town, were greatly offended by the allusion, and so more was lost than gained by the change.

Modern research has not failed to discover the early traces of the extreme Puritanism of Banbury.

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The oppressed and consequently dissatisfied adherents of the church of Rome, taking advantage of this altered state of things, began to wax bolder in the expression of their opinions.