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She recovered almost instantly, only to find that the solid wooden slabs had semi-circles carved into their meeting ends, forming a small hole now trapping Justines slender neck within.

She scrabbled at the wood with her long fingernails and found that the panels were thick and solid and gave not at all.

Justines beautiful eyes were wide for long seconds in astonishment, and then she resumed pulling and pushing on the wooden panels holding her captive. And then she felt her short skirt folded up over her hips, her thong pulled down about her knees, followed by a hard swat upon her bare bottom.

The swat was followed by others, equally hard, and Justine flailed her arms and kicked her legs in a vain attempt to stop the spanking. And once the spanking was done, she once again heard the sound of the drill, somewhere behind her, in her own condo.

She felt a nipple pinched tight with slender fingertips, succeeded by a sensation of something slickly cool clinging to her nipple.