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“They’re both old enough to be left alone, but when they’re bored they tend to be clingy, which makes me less inclined to date,” he admits. He also encourages his kids to invite their friends over.“I feel better about leaving them home alone when I know they’re busy and happy to be there,” he says.)social activities, with and without kids—the perfect opportunity to connect with someone new.

“Wherever you find kids, you’re likely to find single parents, too,” says Masini.

You may find that dating is a much more manageable proposition if you’re involved with another single parent.

Whether you’re cheering them on at an intramural soccer game or expanding their horizons at the local science museum, look around you: See someone cute with no ring on their finger?

Why not approach him or her and say, “You seem to be as interested in astronomy as my son is,” and let things develop from there?

oday was my lucky day: I met Eric in line at the DMV. Both of us loved camping, hated hot weather and had always wanted to try country line-dancing. Only one problem: The absolute soonest I could schedule him in for an intimate, candle-lit, who-knows-where-this-will-lead date was, well, three weeks from now. And that was assuming my 13-year-old daughter wouldn’t have a homework crisis or catch the flu. Welcome to the dating life of a single parent—a scheduling nightmare that could make even the most optimistic person wonder there’s really time for romance when you’re raising kids on your own.