Sikh guy dating muslim girl Camfreexxx

I'm sure u all know this is true from inside, but don't like to admit, WE PAKIS HAV IT U DON' T!!!

Bye I don't know why you ALL are hating each other.

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We are like dummies on a firing range, sitting ducks waiting to be targetted. It is a religion from God and if a girl decides to leave this religion, that is her choice. The message of the Gurus is far higher than any racial or linguistic boundaries.

We must discipline ourselves according to the Khalsa path, yes and this includes the continued respect for other religions, but simply to disagree with some of their practices and beliefs.

Our Guru has said " Manas ki jaat sabe, aiko pahchanbo".

PLZ stop this and remember one thing " Awal allah noor upaya kudrat ke sab bande, ek roop te sab jag upjya kaun bale ko mande " I think non of you are truely relgious, becos religion doesn't learn us to hate.

Sadly if your attitude is as what you wrote in your reply, I am inclined to think that you must enjoy sowing and nurturing the seeds of hatred amoungst Punjabis of various religions and castes.