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Three screen protector films, micro-fiber cleaning cloth and bubble removal card are included.

Each of the screen protectors contains 3 layers of PET film.

He must also have taken pride in the fact that despite silent regrets Kalonzo had given up on an alliance with him as the two had been haggling for far too long, he at least would not look stranded and lonely.

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He ignored the bird and for five years he was consigned to oblivion, even rejecting the offer of Jogoo’s nomination to Parliament as MP, until 2007 when Raila picked and dusted him to be his pointman.

As we know now from Mudavadi, on the day Kalonzo joined Raila even after they yanked back Mama Rainbow, Uhuru and Ruto turned up at his home, begging him to join Jubilee Alliance.

So here is my take; Uhuru and Ruto devised a strategy to get Mudavadi on their side at all costs, even promising the world if possible, and the rest would be sorted out later.

That is why they signed a document which was not even meant to be deposited anywhere. But now they have him where they want, and even his team concedes jumping off now has legal implications.

Uhuru need not have told him that the motivation from his side was a warning from Shetani (and I don’t how many he has around him) that Kenyans would not elect a third Kikuyu president and if they did, his presidency would ruin her because of how the international community would treat a country with an ICC crimes against humanity suspect as Commander-in-Chief.