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Pleased be know that there are fan from Thailand supporting you and await for your new role in My Sissy Girl, new drama, Be Fighting !!!! I love him as well as I love his characters and roles as one of Idol, and expecting much that he could be as great as his excellent roles and characters in his real life. I h Just wish you'll hv another team up with moon chae won ;) I love u both . OMG you are one of these actors which make me hook more in kdrama x D Bridal Mask , good doctor and Yong pal are these kind drama which I couldnt forget for long more dramas ^^ Good luck oppa^^ I'm always support you ^^ Im an avid watcher of Running Man so I followed Lee Kwang Soo's dramas, then it led me to Gong Hyo Jin & Moon Chae Won and I was introduced to Joo Won. I'm being your fan and want to support you and your work from now on. I hope Joo Won could read this and would mind to contact me sooner through my email. hello joo-wonsshi first of all Happy birthday ^^ I wish for you best thing^^ I just want thank you and congratulations you for your amazing acting...

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I pray for you Joo Won for your Blessing Life, Success and great Personality in your real life. , (I know there will be a chinese movie/drama in 2016) but I want to see JW in a K-drama as they are more captivating to watch for the year 2016. JOO WON, an actor of a totally exceptional calibre and class of his time and own! Love and respect JOO WON after watching Bridal Mask, Ojakgyu Brothers, The Good Doctor & Yong Pal which displayed such brilliant acting skills in ONE person. He's such a humble and loving person (from how he says that he is playful with his mum). Its SEPT 30th, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON JOO WON, SARANGHAE! Let me start by saying that I am not even Asian or American but I have watched a lot of kdrama and I have come across very fantastic actors such as Jung Kyung Ho ssi, Lee Min Ho, Jung Il Woo, Jin Yi Han oppa and more.

I've just first watch you performance in Yongpal finish. Be the generous, honest, great survivor, and ground to earth Man. Sorry I meant to say cannot wait to see JW new drama and movie in 2016!!! Can play both protagonist and antagonist , even challenged "disable " character ? Honestly, Joo Won isnt much of a HOT guy but his acting talent made me fall for him.

I am waiting patiently for his future dramas what whatever his endeavors may be  Ok Here it is.

One thing that distinguishes Joowon from other actors/ actress of the same generation is that: He constantly challenges himself and does his best to produce works with quality.

Although I'm sure Lee Min Ho, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Jong Suk have a greater popularity in Asia, Moon Joo Won and Ji Chang Wook are my two favorite Korean actors under age 30 right now. XD I wish I couid see you in my real life :) I'm from Bangladesh & I wish I could see you :'( & your acting is so realistic !! All the very best for your upcoming future :) With lots of Love I just knew you only this friend recommended me to watch Good Doctor.