Shin hye sung dating

When Hye-jeong was oncepractically stabbed through a blade, Ji-hong were given angry with Yoon-do (Yoon Gyoon-sang), who was with her and may have been a victim himself at the scene. It was funny when Ji-hong said, "Because you did not makeanything else or so it".

Ji-hong yelled at Yoon-do, "What were you looking ahead to to make things this bad? When Ji-hong was running to Hye-jeong hurriedly, who got into the rage incident involving a knife, he learned how beneficial Hye-jeong was to him again.

I also heard your relationship has changed into the romantic one just recently.

The individuals of Gook-il Sanatorium are taking phase in a ceremonial dinner together.

Lee Yeong-gook (Baek Seong-hyeon) sent photographs to Jin Seo-woo (Lee Seong-kyeong) by the use ofcellular phone.

Lee Jong Suk didn't even know photos of them were taken.

Many said that they looked good together while filming their drama so that's why it was probably perceived that way, but they are just close friends."Park Shin Hye's side once again reiterated, "They're just good friends, not a couple." what I dont get is it ALWAYS 4 MONTHS.

If this is all true, we can't be any happier for the couple with that sizzling chemistry they've shown in their drama! Wellmade Yedang told media outlets, "They only went abroad together for their photoshoot after their drama, they're not a couple.