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There was no way to meet anyone, or if there was, it felt forced, somehow.Maybe I could go on dates with a few guys who were out like me, but I didn’t really want to go on dates, so it would’ve been dishonest.

Because these places weren’t quite places, they weren’t destinations; not for most people. Well you know, a lot of guys come here for fun and games.” “Fun and games? His children were young and excited, crawling over each other in the back seat.

They were away from hookup websites, away from houses, bars, clubs, lives — removed from the world. He opened their door and said something to them I couldn’t hear. I leaned against my car, with nowhere to be, and he got in his and drove away and did not look back.

Or if not at the urinals, someone would be sitting in the stall next to me, tapping his foot, and I’d get on the cold dirty floor and slide my body halfway underneath the divider or sometimes there’d be a hole in the wall.

After awhile I began to develop a strange feeling at rest areas, like I was giving myself to someone.

Sometimes men go to rest areas because there’s nowhere else to go.