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(Faith-based schools that cultivate a serious Christian identity typically renounce, either implicitly or explicitly, the current sexual ideology and offer their own faith-based teachings on sexuality.

[13] Other secular colleges or universities here or there also may reject the current sexual agenda, but I did not encounter any—I suspect they are few.) It used to be that parents of college students would worry that their offspring might yield to sexual peer pressure heightened by the heady mix of hormones and unsupervised dorm life.

It makes no moral judgments about what forms sexuality does or does not take.

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Its policy statement on diversity rejects “homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and heterosexism in all of their manifestations,” andsupports the sex-positive, create-your-own gender mindset through its “Queer Peer Mentor” program.

[10] A glance at the long list of colleges[11] where “sex educators” have presented their programs suggests that many, if not most, mainstream American universities and colleges[12] fully endorse the ascendant sexual ideology.

Forget that retro idea about sex as a loving, intimate encounter between a man and a woman who have committed their lives, and their entire selves, to each other.

Oregon’s sex app conveys the premise of this new sexual ideology perfectly: the user’s focus is quite literally on what goes where, how much pleasure it produces, and what the risks might be.

“Because college teaches you a lot of things.” Quite a spin on what parents typically want to hear.