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If you disagree, or think we omitted something, or just want to tell us an unrelated anecdote because you need someone to talk to on the Internet, drop it below in the comments. Breakfast is served: WHAT YOU'RE GETTING: Country Potato Casserole with two eggs and toast Most VIP Clubs require you to be a high roller, or, at the very least, be highly invested in wearing tight black T-shirts and sunglasses at night, but all it takes to get into the 11-Worth Cafe VIP Club is filling out a member form when you go to eat at the legendary Omaha joint run by Tony Caniglia and his family.

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WHAT YOU'RE GETTING: Swedish breakfast sampler & free cinnamon rolls The Chicago morning institution offers plenty of your standard breakfast fare, but you'll want to give a nod to their Swedish roots with their sampler (technically listed as a special but always available), consisting of one of their Swedish pancakes with lingonberry jam, a juicy potato sausage, a Swedish meatball (weirdly tasty at breakfast time), and an egg in whatever your preferred egg-consumption method is.

Normally it'd be a fairly easy breakfast to tackle, but since you will have already mowed through their icing-laden cinnamon rolls that they lay down on the table before the main course, you're walking out of here stuffed.

While you may not know who the regulars are discussing, you can at least pretend to be part of the Southern town while housing the giant plate of corned beef hash, which is meal enough on its own, and that’s before you get to the two eggs, grits, and a biscuit.

Get your eggs fried, let the rich yolks mix with the salty, malty, oniony goodness of a forkful of hash, and layer it up on the biscuit.

Most small town joints, though, aren’t rolling with upscale stacks like the Bacon ‘n Brie hotcakes, topped with apple-cinnamon compote, or highbrow takes on lowbrow fare like a skillet of chorizo-, egg-, and cheese-topped tots.