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C.-area Sovereign Grace churches, explores how church leaders including founder C. Mahaney did and did not respond, and recounts how victims’ mothers joined forces to seek justice.Unlike the hierarchical Catholic Church, evangelical churches often function independently.“Every Sunday, hundreds of families participate in our church services and entrust their children to the care of our staff and volunteers.

“Our interaction with civil authorities has been instrumental in shaping our policies and procedures for the protection and care of children.

When a pastor, staff member or volunteer has reason to believe a child is the victim of abuse or neglect, our policy requires those individuals to report it immediately to civil authorities,” he said.

That means reporting suspected abuse to authorities immediately, instead of handling it internally. What challenges did you face getting the reporting?

Trauma reporting is challenging by its very nature. And this was a complicated story to unravel and tell.

Your investigation focuses on sexual abuse in one evangelical network, but it begs the question: how widespread is sexual abuse in evangelical churches more broadly?