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If your pet is not traveling with you at all times it is important that you only travel during times when the weather will be safe for your pet both at your departing and arriving locations.

Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can be deadly to your pet.

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If this is the case it is strongly advised that you take a direct flight to your destination.

Layovers greatly increase the risk of you being separated from your pet during layover baggage changes.

If you have an emergency (or even if you don't) she is excellent and always surprises me with her surefootedness and competence. I called her certain nobody would answer or want to come out in early dawn on a holiday.

I've unfortunately needed her emergency services no fewer than a half dozen times recently and she ALWAYS handled the call professionally, compassionately and with amazing calmness. She was at my house in less than ten minutes, studied the situation for less than a second, told me what to do, and saved my precious cow's life in a matter of minutes.

Traveling outside the continental United States almost always requires a health certificate.