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He also is a favorite posting topic for gay focused blogs, such as Towleroad and Queerty.

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Some people believe he is shorter than 5’10, based on eye witness reports. In fact, his abs are so ridiculously tight that you could spin a quarter on them and watch the coin twirl because they are that flat!

There is no debate however about the star’s chiseled bod. Here is a link that explores some of Kwanten’s approach to fitness.

While it is possible he manscapes his chest, most all of the public photos of the actor show him with little body hair, with the occasional exception of the chest area.

Kwanten has dirty blond “surfer boy” hair and hazel/brown eyes. There are a number of reasons why gay rumors have been floating around about the super sexy True Blood actor.

He has a muscular, lean and “cut” physique that makes for super-hot eye candy.