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During this first stint at WNBC, Imus recorded three record albums, two for the RCA Victor label (1200 Hamburgers to Go, including some of his more popular humor from KXOA, WGAR and WNBC broadcasts, and One Sacred Chicken to Go with Anthrax, a primarily studio-created album centering on his satirical character, The Right Rev. Billy Sol Hargis) and one for the Bang label (This Honky's Nuts, an album of his stand up comedy act at the Manhattan nightclub "Jimmy's"—whose title was a tongue-in-cheek reply to fellow comedian Richard Pryor's 1974 album, That Nigger's Crazy).

There was also a 1973 RCA Victor single, "Son of Checkers," issued by Imus. In The Evening" aired nationally in the fall of 1973, part of NBC Radio's attempt to revive "Monitor", its long-running weekend magazine.

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He served in the Marine Corps as a bugler from 1957 to 1960.

Imus battled alcoholism during his early career in New York, but in 1987 finally pursued effective treatment.

He has two stepdaughters that he adopted from his first marriage (Nadine and Tony), two daughters from that marriage (Ashley and Elizabeth), three grandchildren (two from Elizabeth and one from Ashley), and one son, Frederick Wyatt (nicknamed "Wyatt", born July 3, 1998), from his current marriage. Until its closing in 2014, the Imus family volunteered their time at the Imus ranch between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year.

Imus continued his broadcasts from a studio there, while the rest of his cast broadcast from New York.

His act was reminiscent of pioneer shock-jock Petey Green (As of 2013, he has remained sober for 26 years).

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