Milf dating in my area - Queen knives dating

In fact I supply a Eze-lap 600 grit sharpener to my customers that purchase a D-2 or S30V hunting knife from me.

The "hillbilly knifemaker" is correct in his assessment of D2, and S30V steels.

Stamp date's it 1932 - 1955..some Queen collectors can help me narrow that down some. The knife was made sometime between the 1960's to 1990's, after some changes were made to the pattern.

He used it to defend himself from an attack by a big coyote or dog/coyote cross.

I have no experience with Queen knives, but have heard they are very good factory knives.

Queen knives have went unnoticed for the most part until the early 1990's.

At that point Queen Cutlery was making knives on contract that caused people to stand up and pay attention to the quality these knives had to offer.

In terms of quality and craftsmanship, they're hard to beat -- and they're a great value, too.