Punkbuster not auto updating

Right click on each of these and select 'Properties', then the 'Compatibility' tab 4.

punkbuster not auto updating-12punkbuster not auto updating-57punkbuster not auto updating-36

Here's a solution for you to dig on: how about an Open Source method of communication between game clients and servers that all games can use?

I don't know how practical that is, but that way cheats will get handled as they are discovered, and servers could block all communications with earlier versions of the client software if necessary.

Open the following location C:\Windows\Sys WOW64 2.

Scroll down to Pnk Bstr and Pnk Bstr (These are past the folders and in the list of files and applications) 3.

Also handles tin whistles, diatonic accordians, harmonicas ...