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You could try this group, this group, this group or this group, whether for dating, sharing information or just meeting new people to share experiences with.

One of the longest running party series for fashion junkies, posers, models, art-heads and other freaks is Garçons: nowadays, Kasino is their residency.

Budapest is a relatively gay-friendly city, where straight people, and gay people live together in peace, side by side.

While there are still some older generations who might frown upon same sex couples kissing in public and so on, if you stick to the inner-city party hot spots, or any of the gay-friendly places listed here you will find a great local LGBTQ scene to party with.

Last but not least two other party series that you should keep an eye on: Confetti and Queer Budapest. Ösztrosokk is a legendary lesbian party, and sometimes it's open to guys as well.