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So armed with this information you can see why the most expensive professional or a bespoke introduction agency is not necessary a superior service as you have to ask the question "how many, and what type of people would need to pay such large fees".

All quality introduction agencies will require you to attend an interview usually at their offices or in your home (often because they don't have their own office).

NEVER JOIN THE FIRST personal introduction agency you contact, always compare at least two or three and make sure you read the contract well . ASK to read a contract before attending an interview, as you can then see what they promise, or otherwise, Some agencies will tell you they have "loads of sutable people keen to meet you" only to find in your case you meet just one person after six months and upon reading your contract find the you have agreed to a service where the agency are obliged to only provide a handful of dates in your entire memberhip.

One agency charging small print guaranteed to introduce you to just ONE person in 6 months for £12K So by providing just one introduction they've fulfilled their contract, another dating agency guarantees just two introductions throughout your membership (neither are ABIA approved - The trade association for reputable agencies more info? If a dating agency makes rosy promises at your interview ( "2000 members" , "loads of young attractive ladies", not a problem being an overweight smoker with 10 children under 6" ask them to write such promises on your contact.

For ladies and men aged over forty you may attend social events (usually two Drinks and dinner parties a week in London).