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"Maybe they gave consent before they became incoherent," he said."Depends how kinky they want to behave." No one would be arguing whether Sera is a misunderstood amateur pornographer if he hadn't left the tape in the camera.Authorities point to the case as a startling warning about a malevolent use of Rohypnol, a drug often used to facilitate acquaintance rape.

In lawsuits, the Missouri woman seeks more than $5 million, and Deal, who thinks she was drugged and raped three times, requests at least $6 million. "Let me up." Her voice rises as the sex acts continue. Sera called repeatedly, Sera said, threatening to leave the country.

"Not many people are stupid enough to tape themselves engaging in wrongful conduct," said Jack Spooner, the Missouri woman's attorney. All you have to do is show it to the jury." Defense attorney Hall has a different view of the images on the tape. After two nights, he returned the girl on the promise he'd get the tape.

Sera is certain her husband, whose business included a sawmill in the Arkansas town where he's jailed, used her as a guinea pig to refine the dosages.

Pornographic Fixation The sinister method of control and the strange pornographic fixation Sera supposedly indulged are part of a sordid tale of a family man and entrepreneur whose achievements dissolved like powder in liquid.

Haygood had no memory of the chance meeting but was sure that Sera had put something in her drink. "Steve didn't want to own up to his mistakes and his problems." Sera gave the tape to her attorney's private investigator, then confronted her husband. " she said he pleaded as he searched for the tape at her apartment that night.