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The scheme is intended to improve efficiency as part of the company's modernisation programme, but is proving controversial. They're a first class service and they're going to get rid of them," said Godalming resident Roger Keane. Just before the objects disappeared a passenger aircraft flew very closely to these objects the passenger plane engines were very loud and distinctive and confirmed the silence of the strange orange objects passing." ) to abandon the use of bicycles in favour of two-person teams working from vans.

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Many organisations are now using pedal cycles as a quick and cheap method of transport.

"They're out in all weathers, and the only time we couldn't get a delivery was during the heavy snow.

Justin and Julie-Ann (Bill Champion, Saskia Butler), both in computers, have invited their prospective in-laws to announce their engagement.

“Enter the fond Yorkshire father, unforgivingly racist beneath his jolly jokes, with the dippy mother tagging daintily behind; enter the Godalming lush all but absolutely fab.” Jeremy Kingston, “The cast is the same, too.

Waving to oneself on TV would have been the ultimate in crazed sadness. "The programme also gave some suitable shots of middle-class Surrey enjoying their constitutionals, so it was lovely to scream at places we knew. Anyway, the upshot was that the couple bought the house." House prices in Northern Ireland are the fastest growing in the UK, according to Halifax.

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    To say anything more specific on this subject would be to risk spoiling one of GTAIV's most interesting new features, but suffice it to say that every decision you make has consequences, and you'll likely want to play through the game at least twice to see how the alternatives unfold.

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    Sudan is a member of the United Nations, the African Union, the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the Non-Aligned Movement, as well as an observer in the World Trade Organization.